20 Years’ Experience Installing Commercial Building Automation Systems

UntiCorp’s commercial building automation systems provide your business with the potential to save money, improve efficiency, and increase comfort throughout the building for your employees and customers. All businesses rely on technology to perform numerous tasks, and can sometimes be tedious in the least. Your building is probably larger than the average home, which makes it seemingly impossible for you to track and manage the lights, computer systems, etc. in every room of every floor. More often than not, your building probably consumes more electricity than it should. Most employees don’t even think about turning the lights off when they leave because, to them, they are always on. A commercial building automation system can address this and many other problems.

Your building will be more secure with an alarm system in set rooms, windows, and doors for times that you determine. If an alarm is set off, you can be immediately alerted and can even access live video feeds of the cameras in the area. Surveillance camera systems are available for inside and outside of your building and can be quickly and easily accessed at any time from your home, office, or even your smartphone. All systems are encrypted and require a login username and password for any access and changes to the system.

Your building can auto-detect (or you can manually set) which rooms are in use and adjust the lighting and HVAC systems accordingly. If your main offices are only in use between 8am and 6pm, then your HVAC system and lights do not need to be on full blast between 6pm and 8am the next morning. These smart systems could save you a large amount of money from energy savings alone. You can also automatically shut down a group of computer systems at a certain time, or do it remotely.

Throughout your building, you’ll notice countless ways the automation system can help you. Have a presentation to do? You can use your mobile device to control the slideshow, videos, audio, and even control the lighting levels in the room to provide for a mood adjustment where necessary. You can also close room blinds to ensure privacy for meetings. Additionally, you can easily connect with your employees and coworkers, providing for ease in communication. Instant access to anyone in the building is always useful, especially around the end of the month when deadlines are quickly approaching.