Audio Video Controls at Your Fingertips

UntiCorp provides home theater automation for residents looking looking for an extraordinary media experience. Whether having friends over for a movie or spending the night in with the family, home theater automation can create memorable experiences for those you love.

With a custom programmed home theater automation system, you can control:

  • Sound
  • Video
  • Temperature Levels
  • Lighting
  • Shades and Curtains

Comfort – Temperature and Lighting

Imagine you have the ability to control the lights from your seat with the same remote that controls your video and audio settings. With a home theater automation system, you can do just that. Some people like the room to be dark, except for the screen. But when they need to walk out for a bathroom break, now they can’t see a thing. Having the ability to control the lights (including dimming settings) can set the mood for the room, giving you an extraordinary media experience. One other problem people often find with their home theaters is that they can get particularly warm when running for a while.  Home theater automation systems give you the ability to change the temperature in the room as well as other rooms around your house. Make your viewing experience more comfortable with temperature and lighting controls.