Quality Home Automation Systems from an Experienced Installer

UntiCorp provides home automation installation and programming to residents looking to turn their home into a modern dream home. Allowing you to automatically turn electronics on and off and adjust settings, all from the tap of a screen.  Home automation used to be something you read about in science fiction novels, but it’s now a cost-effective reality that simplifies your life, keeps you safe, & lowers your energy bills.

Home Automation Features

Home automation was initially meant to provide security and simplification of your home; however, we can now connect countless electronic devices to the network. The primary features of home automation include:

A home automation system can provide you with surveillance camera systems, an alarm system, and a full locking service to ensure your mind is at ease. Sometimes you just want to check in on your family, which you can do with wireless surveillance camera systems connected to your home network. You can remotely check in on the inside and outside of your home with just your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Another way to ensure you and your family’s safety is to prevent home break-ins. Most criminals will not break into an occupied home. One way to prevent home break-ins is through the use of the green lighting controls. You can remotely turn on and off your lights, or set them to turn on at certain times. This will simulate the movement of a person through your home, discouraging criminals from attempting to break into your home while you’re away. These lighting controls can also save energy through normal use. When you are not in a room, your lights can turn themselves off to save energy. Lights and even heating and air conditioning can be set to only power on for rooms that are currently in use. In the end, this can save you hundreds per year on your energy bill, especially for large homes.

Home automation also gives you the option to install a home theater and other media entertainment electronics. In order to ensure your home is fully customized, you can connect your system to multiple electronics throughout your home to perform various actions. For example, a home automation system can:

  • Turn on a coffee maker at a set time in the morning
  • Turn TV and speaker systems on as you move from room to room
  • Play your favorite song from a pre-loaded playlist