Savant, A Leader in Home Automation

With 20 years of experience in home automation services, UntiCorp only installs home automation systems and components from the most respected brands in the industry to ensure customer satisfaction. We’ve proudly partnered with Savant because the company offers unique, high-end home automation services that stand out in our innovative industry.

Savant UI University Video Library

Savant is the first choice for any loyal Apple user. Savant pioneered cutting-edge technology that was based solely on the Apple platform, which allows you to manage all automated services remotely with a user-friendly iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or any iOS or Mac OSX device.

Why Choose Savant?

The answer is simple: Savant’s Smart Home technology gives you extraordinary control over a myriad of amenities in your home and on your property, including:

Savant excels at providing unparalleled media integration for your entire family and is the perfect choice for those who already own or want to install a home theater or whole-house audio and video system. A wide range of options is available for any homeowner to add the convenience, simplicity, and luxury of home automation to daily life. For those who are more budget conscious, Savant also offers more wallet-friendly options, including a Linux-based platform, to introduce home automation services to your home and enhance your lifestyle.