20 Years’ Experience Installing Restaurant and Bar Automation Systems

UntiCorp provides building automation systems for restaurants and bars throughout the Maryland, DC, and Virginia regions. As a restaurant and bar owner, you are well aware of the costs for running a business. One of the largest costs that restaurant owners find is the energy costs to run their business. Just about everything is running the entire time you are open, and some are running even when you’re closed. How many devices could be disabled when they are not in use?

Besides the money savings, a restaurant and bar automation system can be used for a few different benefits:

After closing, your business is left vulnerable to criminals looking to break in. Your current security system may fend off the criminals, but a cutting-edge video surveillance system with alarms and alerts can go that extra step further. You can pull up live feeds of your business and view individual cameras 24/7 from anywhere with Web connectivity. Your building will also be armed with an alarm system that will notify you by phone, email, or alert via an iPhone app when the alarm has been tripped. If you use the app, there will be an instant option for you to choose whether you would like to view the camera feeds to determine if it was a false alarm or not. The system can be remotely disarmed if you find an employee forgets it is there or forgets the disarm code. All building automation systems come with a remote lock/unlock feature for all windows and doors.

UntiCorp’s focus is on how an automation system can help you. First and foremost, your system can turn your lights on and off on a timed schedule, manually, remotely, or based on activity. Leaving the freezer’s light on probably happens a lot, but it could be turned off automatically as soon as you leave the room. The same settings can be used for any device in your restaurant or bar. For example, you can control the climate of your restaurant by configuring individual sections, rooms, or the whole building to operate with a single click.

There are countless ways to use your automation system and can be customized to match any restaurant’s preferences. You may have considered installing (or have installed) a vent to sit above the main entrance to keep your preferred temperature by the entrance when the door is opened. Some buildings leave this running as long as they are open, but it could really be automated to only activate upon opening the door, or enabled/disabled whenever you want from your mobile device or the hostess’ station.

Another option for you could be to connect all of your televisions, speakers, and lights to a tablet that sits under the bar for the bartender to adjust whenever a customer asks to change the channel. Your system could control the music, channels, volume, and could dim the lights for special occasions from one screen. If you have any ideas for your own business, then feel free to let us know and we’ll see if we can work it out with you!


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