Keep a Close Eye on Every Part of Your Home…

Surveillance cameras offer a homeowner a sense of a security and peace of mind while away from home. UntiCorp’s home automated camera surveillance systems are easily accessible and convenient for homeowners who want to add an extra layer of protection for their property. UntiCorp has installed home automation systems for 20 years and works with some of the biggest brand names in camera surveillance, such as URC, On-Q, Control4, and more.

Surveillance Camera Options

Whether you are away on vacation or only across town at work, home automation allows you to easily view live surveillance camera feeds so that you can keep a close eye on what is happening inside and outside of your home. Camera activity is controlled simply by using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. A wide range of options is available for surveillance cameras, including dome cameras and hidden cameras. Wireless setups add even more versatility to your surveillance camera system by allowing you to place cameras in a multitude of interior and exterior locations.

Camera surveillance can also be incredibly helpful while you are at home too. You can place a camera near your front door so that you can see when anyone approaches your home. Many parents find surveillance cameras to be particularly helpful to monitor small children in nurseries, playrooms, and outdoor areas. If you have older kids, you can check live camera feeds to make sure the babysitter is keeping an eye on them while you are out of the house, or check in on teenagers when they are home alone to make sure all is well.