Connect Every Element of Your Home and Control it From One Device

UntiCorp provides networking of all devices in and around your home that connect to your home automation system. Home automation can simplify your life, save you money on energy, and provide peace of mind that your home is safe and secure even when you’re not there. But the system can also include a connection to various compatible devices, such as your coffee maker, television, and even your bathtub. All of these features are useless unless the home automation installer can network the devices together properly.

Networking Experience

UntiCorp has over 20 years of experience installing home automation systems and we work closely with most major brands in their industries, such as Samsung, Control4, Savant, and On-Q. With this experience, we have discovered the most effective and efficient way to network your devices.

Wireless and Wired Connections

The owners of larger homes will find that the connections throughout those homes are connected in two ways: wired and wireless. The vast majority of your home (in some cases all of it) will be wireless. In some systems, such as On-Q’s technologies, the whole house will be networked wirelessly. Their products are all designed specifically for home automation and are fast, reliable, and secure. Wireless options are available for a wide variety of devices, such as:

Wireless is generally preferred over wired networks because of the convenience and flexibility of design in and around the home, but sometimes wired connections are preferred. In some cases, a high quality live video requires a strong wired connection. Wired connections are also useful for high quality audio and online gaming systems. When we design your home automation system, we will decide where to place the wired ports in your wall based on where the devices will be in your network. The wires will move through the walls and ceilings to stay out of your walkway and out of sight.

High Bandwidth

All of the networks that we set up have one thing in common: high bandwidth. It’s highly important to have a high-speed connection to the Internet, but the devices used throughout your network have to be capable of Gigabit speeds. The routers and switches will have tons of data flowing in and out of them that are controlling every aspect of your home, so we install routers and switches capable of very high speeds. If you have a fast Internet speed from your ISP, you will notice a significant improvement in Web page loading speed, online gaming, and video streaming. If you are connecting to your home remotely, the bandwidth requirement is even more necessary.