Have Your Movies and Music Follow You Room by Room…

A whole house audio and video system opens your home up to a world of entertainment possibilities. Centralized home audio and video systems allow entertainment to follow you as you move from room to room. You can easily store a wide range of media, access media online, and pull up all of your favorites from anywhere with a smartphone, mobile device, or computer. A number of wireless components are available for audio and video systems that offer greater versatility and even easier installation throughout your home.


With a whole house video system, you can move from the den to the kitchen to a bedroom without missing a single scene of a movie or show. A whole house video system can control anything connected to your home’s network, including media storage, DVRs, Blu-ray players, and streaming services like Netflix and other online options. By using your smartphone or tablet, you can conveniently do things like select something for your kids to watch in the family room without leaving the kitchen while cooking dinner.


A whole house audio system won’t let you miss a beat as you move about your home. You can easily adjust and change music selections to create the perfect soundtrack for your day. You’ll be able to control each room remotely with your mobile device or tablet, so you can turn music down in one room and then pick a completely different playlist for another. Your audio system can even extend outside your home to enhance patio and pool areas, making it the perfect addition for summer cookouts and outdoor celebrations.